Ladders 11, 2018-2023

Riso Print
Limited Edition of 50
Printed at TXTbooks, Brooklyn

10” x 13”


Continental Division: 24x36_01, 2019

from the series Continental Division
Digital Print
24” x 36”

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Vertical and Asphalt, 2018

from the exhibit and book Freiraum Vertikal Denken Published by Technische Universität München, Fakultät für Architektur

Poster for Ficciones Typografika, 2014

Poster designed for Erick Brandt's excellent personal gallery project, Ficciones Typografika. Designed and featured in 2014.

The Weight of Light 05, 2013

Digital Print
16” x 16”

Image from a larger series of work for a group show in Louisville, Kentucky. Autumn 2013.

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